Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Great Grandfather

What can I say? I have a great father! And Saji and Ruqi have a great grandfather! We (Nana, Pop-pop, Ruki, Saja and myself) took a weekend trip to Ocean City, NJ and we had a blast. I was busy caring for 11 week old Saja most of the time, and didnt really have the physical or mental capacity to care for her 2 year sister. But my parents made up for what I lacked. I feel so blessed to have parents that are so loving and caring for their children and grandchildren.

Growing up, we were always short on cash, but never short on love. When many families were going to Disney World, we were going on much less expensive camping trips in the Pocono Mountains. The four of us would pile into a two person tent. And as much as I griped and complained, it was ingrained into me that family was about time spent and not about money spent. We were poor in money, but rich in values and love. I pray that I can pass on these values to my children.


Nisaa said...

Alhumdulillah my beautiful sister

kashirwin said...

Hey SIS! Great Article. SHort and sweet..and mushy though! :P
Btw...You need to edit: "*Pass* on these values" Alright.


Anonymous said...

Salam alayki, nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by my blog. MashaAllah you have a simply beautiful blog with lovely posts on your motherhood stories.
Family values can not be beat. We didn't have much as well and it was only our mom who did anything for us and we enjoyed our childhood. Even the stories about when money was tight and we couldn't put the heating on for very long to heat the water so wed boil the kettle about 10 times and poor it into the bath and then splash around like we were at the pool makes us smile now as adults. We never felt hardship either we just made do and was grateful same way.

A Blog-ver-sa-tionist said...

I met my Mother's Mom once when I was 4, and never met any other of my g-parents. My Mom as Grandmother to my children is wonderful! I truly love her for pouring so much love into our family; filling the gaps with truth, education, and no nonsense.

Abir Ibrahim said...

MashAllah tabark'Allah. This is precious, may Allah protect them iA.

Muslim Mommy said...

Thank You so much for your comments, MashaAllah! Family is so extremely important. It's definitely about QUALITY NOT QUANTITY!!