Friday, August 26, 2011

Amazon for Stay-At-Home Moms

Guess what's new? I'm now a mommy of two! It's wonderful and exhausting and fulfilling and EXHAUSTING! But at the end of the day, all I can do is thank God for my two healthy beautiful girls! So I gave you a list of products that helped me get through my pregnancy, so now I will give you a list of items that have helped me get through my first three months postpartum.

While pregnant, I had a vision of throwing my new baby girl in a sling and just carrying on my life as normal. But I quickly leaned mommies run on their baby's schedules, NOT the other way around. And that was fine at first, but then I started needing stuff: clothes, baby gadgets, baby gear, phone accessories, books, and many gifts for other people.

If I drag baby #2 out the door, it's usually for some type of recreational activity for baby #1 or the grocery store (only because I have no other choice). So, the most useful and convinient means I have found for purchasing my needs and wants was through internet shopping. And the most frequented website on my list is simply because of the one-stop-shop convenience and the "free super-saver shipping" which many items on their website qualify for.

Okay, I will quickly explain to you all this list. I bought the Leapfrog and Preschoolprep DVDs for my two-year-old. They are educational and entertaining! My phone charger broke but I didn't have time to stand in line and pay $30 for a replacement. Would you believe me if I told you I got this set of three chargers (USB, wall charger, car charger) for under $2! You don't believe me? Check it out for yourself. I must admit, they are not the quality of the charger directly from samsung (instead of fully charging my dead phone in under 3 hours, it takes about 5 hours), but I am very pleased for the cheap price.

The power drill was a Fathers Day gift for my wonderful father who helped me so much with keeping baby #2 busy while I was nursing baby #2 or just getting some overdue rest!

I ordered the nipple butter because my soar nipples wear cracking, but unfortunately I didn't get it expressed shipped, so by the time I recieved the all-natural cocoa based butter, my nipples were already healed. However, it came in really great handy when I discoved baby #2 had excema and the Earth Mama nipple butter softened my newborns little rough patches :)

The Summer Infant Carseat complete body support coushin was just what I needed to keep my little one snug in her carseat and it allowed me to put her in the double stroller at 3 months without the carseat (Perhaps it also helped that she's a monster baby lol).

Three Cups of Tea is a great read when you need the escape the realities of momydom. Being a mom of two under three can become very overwhelming at times, but internet shopping has made my road just tad more smoother to travel.

I have also purchased items like bedding and my double stroller from and Catch them when they are having deals and FREE SHIPPING!


lala said...

WHAT!!! I cant get over the fact you mentioned reading, lol! I have a soon to be 2 yr old and a 2 month old and never can find the time to read anything but concise blogs!! I stay up after bed time and do homework so that's out of the question. It's gotten to the point I was even thinking of getting an audiobook! ANYWAY i feel you on the sling theory. I have used my Ergo just once as of yet, lol >.< they are helpful though, just not in a good enough routine as of yet... thanks for sharing your list, though! i'll check it out!

Muslim Mommy said...

I can't even lie, I ordered "Three Cups of Tea" because I heard it was a great read. However, I have not been able to curl up and read anything lol! I am in school also, so I know EXACTLY what you're going thru. I have been able to read excerpts from Dr Sears "Baby Book" and "Discipline Book." I love Dr. Sears! I think I will dedicate my next blog to Jim and Bob Sears because their professional literature has been so beneficial to me and my girls!