Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Giving my Breastfed Baby Formula...

I should have just named this blog entry- LOL! I really thought I was going to give my 13 month old formula after being strictly breastfed since birth! HA! This experiment went totally wrong. You might be asking Why? Why now? The move actually came from the desperation to get caught up on my schoolwork.

I always hear about how formula fed babies sleep soundly through the night from an early age. I read on askdrsears.com that phenomena is due to the hard to digest milk curdles that form in the babies stomach. I am a stay-at-home mom, who co-sleeps with her baby, so I was never pressed to have bay Ruki sleep all the way through the night... until now.

Ruki is at a stage in her life were she is chronically teething and suffers from extreme nighttime hunger and separation anxiety! She nurses off and on the entire night, usually without fully awaking. However, if I try to sneak downstairs to get some housework or schoolwork done, and she rolls over to nurse, she awakens and wails until I return.

So basically, tonight I was at wits end and opened a free sample Enfamil sent me in the mail. First I put the strange white mixture in a bottle. The bottle entertained her for about 20 minutes- she chewed on the nipple, then she found out that if she jerked the bottle violently, the white liquid would shoot out in spurts. Then it just made her angry, so she hurled the undrinken bottle through the baby gate into the kitchen and started to cry.

Relentless in my efforts, I transferred the formula into her sippy cup. Well, this just made her plain MAD! She threw the cup down after one sip with disgust and anguish written all over her face. I insulted her intelligence. I insulted her gourmet taste. She will not be fooled!

So I sat on the couch and breastfed my little angel to sleep and instead of getting right to my schoolwork, I am blogging about my little princess.

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Farrah said...

Salams Krisheena.
Farrah Khan here (from the free clinic, remember?) Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I love you, my sister in Islam. Your blog is hilarious and spiritually uplifting. I am impressed and amazed by your ability to see the bright side in what many people (including myself) considered a difficult phase in the miracle that is our children. Love and prayers to you. P.S. my email address has changed so if you want to update it, it is