Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby, Ramadan, and Epiphany

Well, well, well, look who decided to blog! After a long hiatus I have come to the conclusion that I need to blog. This is my outlet. My writing is my salvation. Far before "blogging" was the craze, I had wrote poetry and journals. This is what I do.

Ramadan. Ramadan was great. I did not fast because I am nursing and am exempt. However Muslims who do not fast are obligated to feed a person for ever fast day missed. I kept pretty busy preparing meals for my family and the fasters at the Masjid (but mostly for my husband, who of course does not count in my 30 feedings. I was just attempting to be a good wife.) Lots of studying and no TV for the most part was beneficial. Ramadan is a time of worship, reflection, and repentance for over 1 billion Muslims around the world.

Baby. Ruki would be the main reason I have not blogged in three months. She has become so demanding. I found myself down at times during Ramadan because while my husband was studying, I was just trying to catch up with our daughter, whether it was a feeding, a mouth inspection (she eats everything!) or just trying to entertain the little monster. In Ramadans past, I would usually go to the park and stay for hours just reading the Quran or some type of educational literature. Now I can barely put aside the time to pray, much less read.

Epiphany. One day at masjid when everyone was praying and I was nursing my Ruki in the back, I realized that I had missed the point. I looked at my wonderful daughter and realized that she is my little blessing and taking care of her will increase my faith, not diminish it. Before doing many day to day things, Muslims say a short prayer, "In the name of Allah, Most merciful, Most Beneficent." I learned that God is a loving and forgiving God.

The Prophet Muhammad said, "Paradise lies at the feet of the mother". With this, I understand that being a mother is a great responsibility and privilege that is not bestowed upon every woman. Now I must go because my eight month old is screaming and crying to get out her high chair!


YouCanLoveYourLifeNow! said...

First, love the pictures! Little Ruki is growing at the speed of light it seems! How beautiful mama and baby are!

Very Happy for the Epiphany also. A Blessing you are, in motherhood, in being a wife and partner, in Islam, in writing and in giving!

Love and Light!

~Charli b.

Nefertitti said...

Alhamduilah! "Oh what a revelation!" Allah is constantly unfolding the real reality of life to those who take the time to reflect. Im so glad to see and read that u and ur family are well. I wish you all the very best! Insha'Allah give me a call if u get a chance in the next 17 years. LoL!!! :)

zara2009 said...

such a great blog. It is a blessing that you were able to realize the gift Allah(swt) has given to you.

mamacasiencrew said...

Blessings to Mama & Baby!

My little niece is growing so beautiful! I could almost feel the soft of her pinchable cheeks!

Kaye, you are so beautiful, inside and out. Your revelations and testimony of your womanly journey, are a wonderful strenght to all women.

I miss your smile girl! Nice to see you back!


p.s. give a holla. i want to hear your vaccination update!

lala said...

alhamdulilah :) and mashAllah, both mother and daughter are beautiful