Sunday, May 27, 2012

Five Ways to Eat Healthier on a Poor Man’s Budget

I created this post because it truly is hard to eat healthy on a limited income. Many Americans are struggling, being underpaid or unemployed. Unfortunately, one of the first cutbacks we tend to make is to our food budget. And it is even more unfortunate that fruits and vegetables are much more costly than junkfood and processed food. There is a value menu at every fast-food joint, but the healthy foods tend to have consistent high price tags, turning them into a menu item for the privileged.
But fear not! My parents raised me and my brother on split pea soup, lentils, salads, tofu, bean sprouts, and banana bread. We were poor growing up, but they didn't allow our budget to be a raodblock to our good health and well being.

1.        Buy Beans… they’re Cheap, Healthy and Tasty. If one variety gives you gas, try another, there are so many!

2.        Buy your Produce Wholesale or at Produce Markets where you can get deals like “1 bag of apples/ $1”

3.        Seasons + Staples = buy brown rice and whole wheat noodles in bulk, and incorporate them in everyday meals. Experiment with seasoning so it doesn’t get boring!

4.        Healthy Potlucks Instead of Eating Out! Getting together with friends can be a lot cheaper and lower in calories if you gather at someone’s house and everybody contributes a fun healthy dish!

5.        Pack a Lunch… or Breakfast or Dinner or Snack! It’s been said over and over by every nutritionist- making your lunch at home will save you both valuable money and calories.

**Bonus Tip! Grow your own fruits and vegetables in your yard, in pots in your kitchen, or at a community garden. The feeling of eating your very own freshly grown food in amazing J

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