Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update! Update!

Hey! Hey! Change the baby- I mean toddler, marinate the salmon, check email, check classes, feed Ruki, clean food off Ruki, attempt to do assignments for school, take shower?, brush teeth, try to teach Ruki to brush her teeth correctly, tell Ruki to sit on potty, look for weekend children activities, call exterminator, call cable guy, hmmm what else? And that's just the list for this morning!

So yes I have been busy! Unfortunately some of my friends and family have been moved to the back burner- I don't return many calls these days. But I must say its cool to know I have the kind of friends who are very loving and understanding- Thank God!

Between school, Ruki, and traveling to Philly things have been quite hectic. I'm enjoying being close to my family. Yesterday we went on a fun hayride and pumpkin patch! Ruqayyah was throwing hay on "Pop-Pop". This morning Ruki preferred the yogurt to the oatmeal, so the oatmeal became more of an art project, Smooches!

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